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Benefits for Plants, Animals and






Natural Structured Water rejuvenates and supercharges humans, animals, plants, food, baking, beverages, dishwashing, laundry, pool, ...whatever the use.


A Few of the Many Benefits

Reported by Customers


In the Kitchen



* Clear, harder ice cubes

* Removes existing calcium & aragonite deposits—spotless dishes

* enhanced flavor of foods and beverages

* Foods washed/soaked  with Structured Water stay fresher longer

* Reduced corrosion & deposits in dishwashers and ice makers






* Cleaner healthier fish tanks

* Less algae growth in tanks, ponds & lakes





Pools and Hot tubs


* Cleaner hot tubs & spas without chemicals

* Less or in some cases no chemicals required for pools





Shower and Bath



* Fresh invigorating water

* Refreshing showers & bath

* Less soap consumed when washing


* Laundry is cleaner and fabrics softer

* Reduced corrosion & deposits in equipment that stores or uses water  (hot water heaters, swamp-coolers, water heating systems)

* Cut flowers last longer

* Reduced anaerobic bacteria

* improved aerobic bacterial activity in all septic & sewage systems


See also: Testimonials, and NAT’s March 2012 and June 2012 newsletters.


Scaling/Mineral Deposits


By changing the structure of water, the process also often changes the structure of substances in the water into shapes that are easily broken up and carried away. This results in less aggressive deposition in shower heads, hot water heaters, swimming pools, dishwashers, glass, plate & silver ware, valves, filters and pipes.



“Every time when I winterized the chlorine generator unit after the summer use, the plates inside were usually covered solidly with the thick layer of calcium crust. It used to take significant amount of time (and vinegar) and lot of scraping to clean it. Well, this year, there was absolutely NO CALCIUM DEPOSIT on the plates!!! The generator unit looked inside just like it looked when I was installing it in May.“ Ivan and Adriana Vazan. Ontario, Canada


“We live in a heavy hard water area, with plenty of lime stone. We discontinued use of the water softener when we installed the whole home structured water unit. Since then, we had no issues with any scaling or appliance functioning. We had an issue with the furnace humidifier, which we will resolve this winter with a descaling filter rather than return to a softener.” Aengus & Wendy, Ontario, Canada



Benefits for Pets and Livestock


Lowered rates of mortality with livestock

Less infections and disease

Water consumption reduced by up to 30%

Increased nutrient absorption resulting in reduced food intake



Benefits in Landscaping and



The benefits for farming were verified in a study by Government of Pakistan, Ministry of Science and Technology. The study tested the effectiveness of Structured Water produced by the NAT Structured Water Unit, with respect to seedling and spout growth, pathogens, root growth, and dissolved oxygen. The study report can be read herePart 1  Part 2



Structured water is “wetter water” so it penetrates the soil, carrying sodium, magnesium and other clogging elements deeper into the soil. This allows greater root penetration and fewer salts which bind the top soil. Crops grow bigger, faster, more uniform, healthier and 3 times more nutritious (Brix measurement)  Other observed benefits:



* Healthier landscape — greener lawns, more vibrant trees and shrubs.

* Improved growth of crops with increased biomass (27% to 40%)

* Healthier household plants

* Vigorous plant growth

* Reduced water requirements (up to 50%)

* Increased resistance to drought and pests

* Increased resilience to lower temperatures due to lower freezing  temperature




Study by  Dr. Carley Corrodo, University of Santa Cruz California


Potassium uptake is correlated to fruit number and size and is also one of the leading causes of nutrient lock. Tests were performed with numerous fertilizers with high potassium and in all cases, the water generated by the NAT Structured Water Unit showed increased potassium uptake witnessed by flower numbers over three types of fertilizers.



“I am in Auckland New Zealand.
The story is told by the pictures.
We built a new house and moved in in December 2015. The garden was planted in January 2016. It was a ground zero clay landscape.
The photos will tell the story. I put in a whole house unit which is used for irrigating the garden as well. My wife can’t believe the growth. She thought I had bought some ‘lemon ‘ device. She of little faith!!!
So in one year here is the result from the stark landscape. See the fruit – limes, feijoas, we have lemons, and the small raised garden is full of great vegetables, parsley, basil….”
Best Wishes,Noel





My potted lemon tree, shown on the left, was grown under less than ideal conditions; for it was on a balcony 11 storeys above earth’s crust and with north-west sun exposure.


The new growth that appeared after fed Structured Water, was 2 times larger than the older leaves.

Liala Ackerman, Vibrancy Water



The Preservative Quality of Life-giving Structured Water.


NAT Observational Study #3  Structured Vase Water vs. Unstructured Vase Water


The NAT Research Team tested to verify the phenomena associated with customers reports of cut flowers lasting longer when placed in Structured Water, than when placed in tap water; as well as reports of extended freshness of fruits and vegetables after soaking/washing with Structured Water. The study compared the longevity of roses placed in regular tap water to those placed in Structured Water. The roses were cut from a single rose bush that was fed Structured Water for over year.  As expected, the cut roses held in Structured Water lasted longer than those held in regular tap water. 


The images below show the differences

after 13 days.



Structured Water


Unstructured Water



According to NAT founder, Clayton Nolte, shared that the extended shelf life in plants is mainly because of structured waters unique ability to place calcium in solution and to make it available at the cellular level. CALCIUM adds vitality.






Structuring Liquids Using the Portable Structured Water Unit


Observational Studies

Natural Action Research and Development Team


Based on the known effects of structuring, passing consumable liquids, such as juice, milk, and wine, through the portable unit, blocks biologically harmful components, enhances natural properties and adds more oxygen, bio-photonic energy and hydrogen to the liquid.


Energy Sport’s Drink


The positive effects of using NAT’s Portable Unit to structure liquid was demonstrated in NAT’s Sports Drink Study. That showed remarkable improvements to the body’s energy centers, following consumption of 1 ounce of a sports drink structured using a Portable Structured Water Unit;

whereas drinking 1 ounce of the same drink, prior to structuring, was seen to negatively effect the body’s energy centers.



NAT’s Sports Drink Study


Orange Juice Evaporation Study


This study looked at the evaporated condition of orange juice (“Control Sample”) compared to the evaporated condition of the same juice passed, one time, through the Portable Unit.




Unstructured Juice:  The reside was darker indicating a frequency change. The residue was etched into the test beaker and had to be ‘chiseled” out to be removed from the test beaker. The texture of the residue was similar to hard plastic and when tested for flexibility, it snapped into pieces.


Structured Juice:  The residue had a moist lighter and softer texture and was easily removed from the test beaker.

Residue after 4 months


Control at top

Structured Juice at bottom



The soft and moist texture of the Structured Juice residue indicates the pass through the Portable Unit structured carbohydrates and proteins and resulted in increased absorption and bioavailability. This study also demonstrated the de-scaling effects associated with Structured Water. 


Investigation of the Preservative Effects of Structuring Milks

by Pass Through the NAT Structured Water Unit


These studies show Structuring produced an aerobic environment, which is unfriendly to  pathogens. The aerobic environment is a by-product of the increased oxygen content.



Almond Milk– Structured and regular milk non-refrigerated for 1 week.


The Structured sample (left) was noticeably less putrefied.



Regular Milk and Structured (‘Activated’) Milk

non-refrigerated for 9 days.


Microbial growth was evident in the Regular Milk, whereas the Structured Milk remained clear.



Study by the Pakistani Government Ministry of Science and Technology


Raw Milk


This test was included in the study conducted by the Pakistani Government Ministry of Science and Technology.  The results verified the findings observed in the NAT studies that are discussed immediately above.



The study also included the below listed and each case verified findings observed by NAT and/or reported by customers.


seedlings sprout growth

pathogens ,anaerobic & aerobic

root length

Dissolved oxygen



Part 1  Part 2




Benefits of L-8 Transceiver Technology



L-8 Transceiver Technology  and gemoetric symbol representing the technoloy that is for blocking EMF, 5G radiation.


This technology combines with Structured Water to extend the water’s natural EMF protective properties. The technology is designed to optimize  healthy functioning of cells and systems and also to remediate emissions from EMF emitters at source. For information about the benefits, see L-8 Transceiver Technology 



“Every time Structured Water is used,

it contributes to the creation of a green environment. “

Clayton Nolte, Developer, Natural Action Water Structuring Devices



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