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Vibrancy Water distributes and wholesales Natural Action Water structuring units.  These devices use “the laws of Nature” to transform water that is “bad for life”, into water that supports life. The structuring technology restores the natural (bio-compatible) characteristics of water, so it is instantly absorbed and satisfies the body’s need for efficient, coherent and balanced water. 


Water's natural and healthy/healing energy pattern is restored back to the water. At the same time, it neutralizes biologically harmful elements in the water such as chlorine and fluoride, and the water’s memory is freed of their toxic energy imprints.


Among it’s many health-enhancing benefits, the structured water unit dramatically increases water’s bio-photonic (life force) energies.


This technology is endorsed by renowned scientists Drs. Albert-Fritz Popp & Konstantin Korotkov


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EarthCalm.ca is dedicated to promoting the healthiest, most sensible, most effective healing solution to EMFs available, anywhere.


EarthCalm.ca Promotes the Dynamically Enhanced Structured WaterTM Unit

Custom Made with L-8 Transceiver Technology


The L-8 fortified Dynamically Enhanced unit was developed specifically for advanced EMF remediation applications. This specialized unit incorporates a nature-driven ion exchange process and natural materials. The combined effect is the production of Structured Water that,


1. neutralizes the adverse effects EMF has on water’s properties and potential;

2. blocks the body from EMF;

3. detoxifies the body of EMF;

4. builds EMF resilience throughout the body;,

5. provides powerful support of the body’s healing processes; and

6. reconfigures EMF emitters to generate beneficial emissions that shield EMF and instate the body in it’s natural electromagnetic home.

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The technologies within the Vibrancy Water Structuring units last indefinitely, are free of maintenance, breakage and operating costs..

90 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee


In the Dawn of Quantum Biology, Vibrancy Wellness is pleased to recommend the finest, state-of-the-art products, based on the principle that everything alive contains vibrational energy (life force).


We offer products accredited by leading health experts, scientists and physicists recognized for their significant contributions.


Our products powerfully propel good health, healing and sense of well-being-when living in a modern world that presents unique impediments to health and healing. 


Our simple-to-use products are protective and “healing” solutions to pervasive and serious disruptors to health of the 21st Century  These include, contaminants in the environment as well as in natural sources of sustenance, such as, in water, agriculture, and the Earth’s vibrational pulse (electromagnetic field, Earth waves, Schumann Resonance).


The technologies in our products, generate benefits at every level of functioning. They, therefore, effect changes to the body as a "whole”,   enhancing physical, emotional and cognitive functioning and sense of well-being. 


The proven histories and thousands of customer reports speak of an array of significant benefits.


We work directly with inventors and manufacturers and offer expert product knowledge.


Vibrancy Wellness is owned and operated by Advanced Health Technologies, Toronto, Canada.


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